"I Do" Rhinestone Sticker with Blue Colored Shoe Sole Kit

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This kit changes the color of your shoe soles on any pair of heels to blue. Also included is a self stick rhinestone "I Do". it is removeable so you can wear the shoes even after the wedding. "I" and "Do" measure 1" x 1.5" each and should fit nicely on just about any heel.

  • Protects the shoe sole from damage with a thin rubberized layer on the area of the sole that comes in contact with the ground. This built in layer is both textured and rubberized to grip more like a tennis shoe instead of the typical smooth bottom of most heels. The rubber is soft enough not to scratch floors, but is also resilient to most oils and other chemicals. It also cleans easily to help keep the bottoms looking new.
  • Covers any damage or inperfections already on the shoes sole. It is flexible and will stretch to conform to the complex curves of most soles.
  • Self adhesive design that will work with virtually any brand shoe in any size. This is a complete easy installation kit with instructions. Scissors are required.
  • Works best with any shoe with a heel and smooth bottom (pumps, stilettos, boots, peep toe, etc).  Not recommended for rubber soles (adhesion promoter recommended) or soles with tread.  For wedges, flats, single and 3 packs, see our other items.
Included in this kit:
Two(2) color strips with Anti slip rubberized coating for the sole
Two(2) color strips for the heel
Two(2) Clear install strips
"I Do" hinestone sticker
Two(2) Alcohol cleaning packets

This is a complete kit for 1 pair of shoes.
Premium install kit includes a precision razor blade and 3M adhesion promoting primer. The premium kit is recommended for rubber soles, textured soles, worn/dirty soles, or heels with an extreme arch. Also recommended for a more permanent installation. Premium kit is not available for international shipping.

We now offer custom installation service.

Want to do it yourself?  

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