Crystal Sole Dark Red Rhinestone Shoe Sole Kit - Bling the Sole of Any Heels

$ 14.95 $ 19.95

This is a complete kit designed to add rhinestones to the bottom of just about any pair of heels. This is the newest type of rhinestones available. The rhinestones look like typical rhinestones, but are actually made of a soft flexible gel material. This unique material allows the material to easily bend and shape around complex curves that were never possible before with the typical hard crystals. The great part is they look like typical rhinestones. The only way you can tell the difference is to actuality touch them. The result is the look of an amazing custom pair of heels with very little effort. If you can trace and cut with scissors, you can apply this kit yourself. In addition, they are completely removable, so you can wear them for a night, or leave them on forever.


  • Self adhesive rhinestone sheet that sticks onto the arch of any pair of heels to change the look and add some "bling"
  • New gel resin rhinestones are flexible and easy to cut. The kit will cover the entire arch and heel area. it will not cover the part of the sole that contacts the ground. (See our other items for the sole protection products)
  • Self adhesive design that will work with virtually any brand shoe in any size. This is a complete easy installation kit with instructions. Scissors and a marker or pen are required.
  • Covers any damage or imperfections already on the shoes sole. It is flexible and will stretch to conform to the complex curves of most soles.
  • Works well with any of our other heel protection products.
We now offer custom installation service.


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